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Antey Hotel is a luxurious hotel complex located in the city of Makhachkala, at the address Shosse Makhachkala-Sulak, 7 kilometers, 3. It offers a range of amenities and services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for its guests.
Accommodation at Antey Hotel starts from 4000 Russian rubles per night and includes breakfast. The hotel has six well-appointed rooms, all equipped with air conditioning and featuring a private parking facility for guests. Additionally, there is a laundry service available for the convenience of guests.
One of the main attractions of Antey Hotel is its heated swimming pool, perfect for relaxation and enjoyment. The pool is suitable for both adults and children and is located indoors, ensuring that it can be used throughout the year.
The sauna facilities at Antey Hotel are highly recommended for those seeking ultimate relaxation. Guests can enjoy a variety of options, including a Turkish steam bath (hammam) and a Finnish sauna. The sauna area can accommodate up to 10 people and is located on the shore, providing a picturesque view. Guests can also indulge in a game of billiards or enjoy karaoke while in the sauna. Everything necessary for a comfortable sauna experience, such as towels, sheets, and slippers, is provided by the hotel. Complimentary tea is also available, and Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the sauna area.
In addition to the accommodation and sauna facilities, Antey Hotel boasts a prayer room for the convenience of guests. Wi-Fi and restroom facilities are also available for guests. The hotel also features a café on-site, providing a variety of dining options.
Antey Hotel operates according to a specific schedule, ensuring that all services are available during the designated hours. Payment options include cash and card transfers.
For those seeking a relaxing and enjoyable experience in Makhachkala, Antey Hotel is an excellent choice. With its comfortable rooms, heated swimming pool, charming sauna facilities, and additional amenities, guests can truly unwind and indulge in a memorable stay. Whether for business or leisure, Antey Hotel caters to the needs of all guests and offers an unforgettable experience.

Цены на отдых

Тех кто хочет снять хорошую парную «Antey hotel» в городе Махачкала по адресу шоссе Махачкала-Сулак 7 километр, 3, больше всего интересуют цены на аренду сауны. Все это вы можете узнать несколькими способами:

  1. Через официальную группу в социальных сетях;
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